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Neither cream non oil, "cosméto-fluides" genuine plant liquid gold, have been the magic formula of "les Douces Angevines" for more than 20 years. 

What are they?  

And extremely sophisticated combination of clones oils, essentials oils, resins and macerated fresh plants and flowers, forged gate by ancient traditional know-how. we use the purest plants, as close as possible to the their natural and living state.

Quality you deserve 

100% plant-based fluids, without water or additives, extremely rich in plants and flowers.

With their filtra fine texture, they instantly blend into the skin, leaving a sensation of well-being and softness.

Economic out and targeted: thanks to a well thought-out and active concentration, a few drops it is all it takes.

Composition of a Cosméto-fluide:  the promises we keep 


Rare macerated, home made from plants almost exclusively grown in the garden or gathered by us.

Precious, pure plant-based oils from organic farming, exclusively cold pressed and then filtered. We believe that the esterification of plans based-oils, a popular denaturing process ("INCI caprylic capric triglyceride, coco caprylate caprate, decyl oletate", etc...)
yields esterifeds oils which no longer have any beneficial effects on the skin.

Essential oils, many of which are extremely rare, all slowly steam distilled

The Garden of beauty

The garden , a genuine living herbarium, is the soul of Douces Angevines
Consistent with the methods of biodynamic and organic farming, we provide the plants with the ideal conditions to thrive, by intervening as little as possible and very carefully to capture the essence of their power.
Constantly strengthening our loving relationship with nature and its intelligences. We work hand by hand with the different realms of living beings.
"The cosméto-fluide" are manufactured in the inspiring and calming environment, and every user can experience the energy of the Garden of Beauty at home.

The origins of our plants and flowers

40% come from our garden. This is where the most delicate plants grow, such as the wild violet, Echinacea, Lemon Verbena, etc...

20% are collected in the wild in preserved areas in accordance (St john's wort, Lavender)

40% (essential oils, precious oils and certain plants) essentially come from small producers in France and the Anjou region, or abroad for exotic oils, under fair trade agreements.

Creating with the moon and the sun, unique craftsmanship.

A sensitive and experienced hand involved in every production process, and this cannot be replaced by any machine. The focus on totally natural products has resulted in the flourishing of meticulous craftsmanship and expertise enhanced by local, but Indian, Chinese, and Native ancestral traditions

The actual role of Scents

The skin is in very close contact with our emotion and inner being.
Nourishing the skin is the primary role of beauty fluids. However, the skin is alive. It's physical condition (dry, oil, irritated skin) also largely depends on your inner self (happiness, sadness, etc..)

Natural fragrances directly address out inner feelings and emotion.
Unlike synthetic scents the authentic plants based fragrance of the "cosméto-fluides" go far beyond a fleeting, quickly forgotten emotion.

The revived know-how of the pensions perfumers
Every products is a unique creation its origination requires one year of research to achieve unity: Within this overall equilibrium the search for efficacy is inseparable from olfactory harmony.
The fragrances of our fluids reflect the vibratory of the original simple the language of its soul, for an in-depth action on your intimate life, generating a positive frame of mind for you skin.

Embrace your ideals without compromise

"No factory and yet everything is done on site" 
In our premises, from the design to the production and packaging of the products, to its departure on its way to you!

"We know how supplies" and give preference to those who implement quality traditional method and fair trade programmes for plant species native to fall-off areas

Our garden of beauty and lab-workshop are installed along the banks of the Loir River in "An environmentally protected area" 
We respectfully gather wild plants in preserved areas

From The beginning there is "no animal testing"at any stage of the production process for all ingredients. Member of one voice for animal and planetary welfare

"Objective: 100% organic ingredients"
A cosmetic product can be certified as ecological and organic if it contains just 10% organic ingredients (and 95% natural ingredients)
Douces Angevines goes well beyond these requirements.


Understanding the nature of your Skin?

You skin and extremely sensitive Organ, breathe, feeds, renews and expresses itself. It is important to nourish it well using the plants subtle forces so that it can deal with any little issues and preserve its beauty

This is the only way it Will be Ebble to I just its own Hydro-lipid balance, whether it is oily, dry or sensitive. Each of our cosméto-fluides, depending on its specialty ( moisture, purity, regenerate, etc...) provides all your skin needs to self manage: essential fatty acids and vitamins, rare, ultra-natural and living nourishment.

How to choose your cosmétique-fluides

By the nature of your skin,  the seasons desire and scents. 

You are more than welcome to discover oh these amazing products and facial treatment with Amelhia, it will be a real pleasure to help you and share this special moment of complete peaceful.