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Facials treatments "Douces Angevines"
Soins Visages Douces Angevines

Here i propose to discover these beautiful facials "Douces Angevines" products 100% naturel organic, home made, no preservatives are added, not tested on animals. A magical moment of peace and pleasure with instantly noticeable result thanks to flowers and plants from our beautiful nature.

Each treatment includes a breathing exercise with crystals individually chosen to relax the body and the mind. 

The treatment "Thé blancs, Fleurs bleues" durée du soin 1h

The "Thé de beauté" or "Infusion purifiante"
Hydrating treatment which revives the skin using a mixture of different plant infusions select recording to your skin type.

Using this gentle but deep cleanser, we treat from the inside out which is the best way to improve the skin. Not only on the surface but also on a deeper level. We therefore to treat the root or cause of a problem thanks to the therapeutic effect of each plant.

The treatment "Herbes et Fleurs du Jardin, à fleur de peau" durée du soin 1h30

Using ancestral recipes + techniques these treatments brings about lasting results.
The treatment uses to specific promises with blends of herbs and flowers. It is why it has a direct impact on the skin thanks from the plants.

It is a gentle and nurturing treatment which includes an upper body massage.

The treatment "Dana" soin régénérant visage et corps, durée du soin 2h 

Dedicated it to your inner goddess this treatment uses "la fascia beauté"

Awaken your inner glow wave these innovative methods which it is scientifically proven to release trauma and stress from the body tissues, giving lasting radiance.
You will be welcomed with a soothing food bath to help to get relaxed fellow by a gentle and releasing back massage.


For any quote please contact me, travel expenses and charges depending on the locality.

For the respect of everybody any appointment not cancelled 24 hours before is due in its entirety. Please take into account, thanks for your understanding.