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Massage is unadvised in the following cases:

On the whole body:

  • Pregnancy: no massage during the first 3 months. No essential oils then. No deep abdominal massage.
  • In the case of specific infectious diseases
  • In case of fever
  • In the case of contagious skin diseases
  • In the case of arteriosclerosis
  • In the case of haemophilia
  • In the case of severe neurological diseases


On a local area affected:

  • In some vascular cases (phlebitis, thrombosis or recent severe varicose veins)
  • In case of inflamed and painful skin lesions (shingles, eczema, psoriasis, ...)
  • Around a skin infection that would tend to expand (acne, boils, infected wounds)
  • In the case of acute inflammation (especially if it is infectious or bacterial)
  • In the case of tumours, if the person is not treated
  • On recent injuries or burns
  • No deep abdominal massage during menstruation, in case of acute inflammation of the abdomen, cyst, fibroid, if advanced, high blood pressure or after a brain haemorrhage heart or lung disease, and in case of umbilical hernia or inguinal

In case of doubt on any un-advisement, you can consult your doctor.

In accordance with the Act of 30 April 1946 with Decree No. 60665 of July 4, 1960, Article L489 of the Code of Public Health and Decree No. 96-879 dated 8 October 1996, there is no question of medical massage or physiotherapy but relaxation techniques and well-being. * The term "massage" or "massage" or "modelling" used on this site therefore refers to: techniques of relaxation and well-being.