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Take a moment to relax your mind and your body whit the Massages well-being

  • Energizing well-being Swedish massage 
  • Relaxing well-bein massage 
  • Massage well-being deep tissue 
  • Pregnancy well-being massage 
  • Massage well-being kobido facial 

For any quote please contact me, travel expenses and charges depending on the locality.

For the respect of everybody  any appointment not cancelled 24 hours before is due in its entirety. Please take into account, thank you for understanding



Need and want a moment for yourself, discover the world of massage well-being, the mental and physical properties it can bring to access a balanced body and mind. it 

Both are needed to find serenity and inner peace. the energising well-being Swedish massage allows access to state of consciousness of relaxation and inner peace. 

Massages are a source of balance to the mind and body for two fundamental reasons, letting go of the mind and body. It will aim for an instant connection and awareness with your body, and will result in deep relaxation and a better flow of energy. Massage searches individual balance, fulfilment, harmony of the person and listening to the body. Respect your body is allowing your travel tool which is "your body" in this life.

The energizing well-being Swedish massage: With the help of different techniques, it is possible to go deep into the tissue to relieve tired muscles caused by stress from our busy days.

Stroking: first contact with the patient's skin, stroking is a long, soft stroke allowing the essential oils to make contact with the body and penetrate the skin. 

Kneading: the skin is kneaded like bread dough focusing on tight knots to bring out the stress and soothe.

Friction: a circular compression to remove all forms and the fluidity of movement of all body fluids.

Vibration: vibration of the masseuse’s hand can wake up the external and internal tissues of the patient, and the surface of their skin blushes at the slightly dense touch.

Tapping: last part of the technique, tapping is a great way to reduce the stress that develops in the muscle. Performed using both hands, it closes the massage well-being cycle energetically and stimulates circulation.